You can now get cinnamon churro cereal

Virgin Radio

20 May 2021, 16:17

Dessert for breakfast, what's not to love?

Head down to Tesco if you want to eat churros for breakfast.

Usually sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with hot chocolate sauce or dulce de leche, now you can have a cereal that's inspired by the treats.

Each box contains 12 servings and costs just £2.50.

Fans are very excited about this new cereal.

On Instagram one said: "Oh sweet mother of God, I am going to get these. Curiously Cinnamon is one of my favourites, I will be hunting these bad boys down"

Another added: "OMG I'm getting these."

Someone else wrote: "Hope they're as good as they look!"

The Curiously Cinnamon Churros are by Nestlé, and they feature alongside the Curiously Cinnamon cereal which is also available at Tesco for £3.00.

That version is made from whole grain and contains cinnamon flavoured squares.

Sounds good to us!