A woman made a costly mistake selling a sofa worth £14,000 for £350

Virgin Radio

20 May 2021, 16:36

It's the stuff of nightmares.

We all love a bargain, don't we? Sometimes you just have too much clutter and furniture and need a proper sort out and decide to sell some of your stuff.

One woman shared a TikTok about how she sold a sofa for £350, only to later discover it was worth more.

Much, more. 

The woman, Jules Schreiner, is from the brilliantly named Carpentersville in Illinois.

She received the sofa for free but decided to sell it on. 

Jules was surprised that someone bought the sofa "within seconds". 

It wasn't until later that she saw the buyer posted about their bargain buy on Instagram.

They captioned it saying it was a 'Vladimir Kagan' design.

As anyone would, Jules went and googled the name. 

She couldn't believe the results. Some of the sofas were reaching as much as $20,000 (£14,000).

Ouch. It turns out ol' Vladimir is quite the name when it comes to sofas.

Who knew? (Not Jules.)

Jules wrote: "Thought I had got a great deal on FB market place but ya know things are always too good to be true."

 "Sold a free couch I got & put it on FB marketplace for $500.

"A guy picked it up & bought it within seconds. Saw him post the brand on insta. *looks up the brand on google*."

She then wrote: "Its a $20k+ couch... USED."

Nearly 94,000 people have viewed the video.  

One person tried to make her feel better, saying: "It's very clearly not the same couch, it's also old and discoloured. Being the same brand does NOT make it the same value."

Another added wrote: "In fairness you all won from this. The person got rid of their couch for free. You made $500 and the last guy got a bargain. Win win win."