Perfect for the sunny weather, Waitrose has Pimm's lollies

Virgin Radio

28 May 2021, 09:07

Now this will make it feel like summer.

With the temperature finally forecast to pick up from this weekend, Waitrose has the perfect grown-up ice lolly treat for the sunshine.

As part of the POPS range, from 2nd June onwards you can get your hands on a Pimms lolly and a Bellini flavoured lolly.

The Pimms one is made from Pimm's No.1, lemonade, real strawberries and wonky cucumbers.

It's also 4.3 per cent ABV.

If you like things peachy, you'll love the Bellini.

It's made with real Prosecco, a dash of Peach Schnapps and blood oranges. The bellini is 3.8 per cent ABV.

Costing £3.50 for a pack of three, there is also a 'Great British Summer' promotion where they'll have an introductory 25 per cent off.

The lollies are made with natural ingredients.

They're also vegan friendly and gluten and dairy-free.

Lucille Kavanagh, Waitress Ice Cream Buyer says: "We are excited to introduce Pops to customers. They're fun, delicious and perfect for summer and we can't wait to hear what people think of them.

While Andrew Ashby, POPS MD comments: "We are excited to be re-launching this iconic British product and thrilled to be partnering with Waitrose."

Pimms have also made a new 'Sundowner' flavour.

Described as the 'perfect aperitif to enjoy as the sun goes down', it's available now, perfect for the bank holiday weekend.

It features both raspberry and redcurrant flavours.

In a statement, Pimms said: "Come rain or shine, Pimm's Sundowner is the perfect aperitif to enjoy as the sun sets with its vibrant raspberry colour and subtly bittersweet taste," Pimm's teases in a statement.

What's not to love. Bring on the sunshine.