Biscoff has made a Donut-Muffin, a 'Duffin'

Virgin Radio

28 May 2021, 09:39

Who knew this would be a thing?

Doughnut meets muffin to create the "Duffin".

Lotus Biscoff and bakery chain Muffin Break have teamed up to make this deliciously sweet hybrid. 

It's described as the "iconic flavour and crunch of Lotus Biscoff with the light and airy form of a Duffin"

It features a  sweet centre and a drizzle of lotus spread. 

Even better, the Duffin is baked fresh in stores daily.

It's available in Muffin Break stores nationwide.

If you want to drink Biscoff instead, they're also launching a Biscoff-flavoured milkshake from 19th July.

This milkshake combines a creamy vanilla ice cream base swirled with Lotus Biscoff Topping Sauce.

Of course, it's topped with whipped cream, Lotus Biscoff Crumb plus a swirl of sauce.

So much choice!

If you're a dedicated fan, you can now even get your hands on a car air-freshener that smells like it too.