Has Vicky McClure just revealed herself as Llama on The Masked Dancer? 

Virgin Radio

1 Jun 2021, 13:19

Mother of God, have the worlds of Line of Duty and The Masked Dancer just collided? 

The new ITV night show has already unmasked three famous faces, with Viper being revealed as Diversity's Jordan Banjo, Beetroot as Dita Von Teese and Flamingo as Louise Redknapp. However, it’s the identity of Llama that has really got fans intrigued. 

Amateur detective viewers, and the show’s judging panel, reckon that Llama could be Line of Duty's Vicky McClure, after spotting a fan with a label that had AC-12 - the name of the team in Line of Duty - written on it. 

The panel - Jonathan Ross, Oti Mabuse, Davina McCall and Mo Gilligan - started talking about the possibility of McClure, who plays Kate Fleming in the BBC drama, being Llama, but was the AC-12 reference simply the kind of red herring that we are used to seeing in Line of Duty? 

With fans sharing their theories on social media, McClure chipped in with either a blatant clue or a cheeky double-bluff. Yesterday, at the end of a very sunny bank holiday, she wrote on Twitter: 'Been an aLLAM’ingly hot day!' 

Fans immediately had their say on her Tweet, with some certain that it was a genuine clue. One commented, “I think you have just given it away, thank you!” 

Others remain unconvinced though, saying, “Vicky no, don’t troll us!!”

Another Twitter user cleverly referenced the now famous misspelling on Line of Duty, saying, 'You are definately Llama on the masked dancer Vicky!'

The Masked Dancer continues at 7.30pm on ITV and will air every night until the final on Saturday June 5th, so we'll know soon enough whether Llama is indeed Vicky McClure.

With Line of Duty no longer on our tellies, we’re certainly enjoying having some AC-12 related mystery in our lives again.