Sweet Tooth producer shares rude rejection email before his Netflix smash series success

Virgin Radio

8 Jun 2021, 14:38

Revenge is a dish best served cold - and then posted on Twitter for everyone to see. The producer of Sweet Tooth has shared a nasty rejection email he got after pitching the idea in 2017 for his hit Netflix show.

Narrated by Josh Brolin and executive produced by Susan and Robert Downey Jr., it's adapted from a DC comic book series and has been described as a cross between “Mad Max” and “Bambi".

A virus outbreak has swept across the world and hybrid children – babies born part human and part animal – are being born due to the disease. The eight-part series tells the story of a part human, part deer boy who goes on an adventure.

Film producer Jeremy Platt shared the curt correspondance from January 2017, prior to hitting the number one spot in America, Canada, Australia, Brazil, plus number two in the UK.

The short email response read: "No one is going to buy a deer boy show and definitely no one is going to make it," which is paired with a screenshot of their now Netflix success.

Fans commented: "Perfect proof of why the no’s aren’t always right. Persistence is key, and man did you show them with this one!"

Another penned: "Or proof that more often than not, people high in the industry aren't there because of their merit."

Others added: "It’s fantastic," and: "Nobody really knows anything. Write what you love. Congratulations."