Viewers of BBC's new crime drama Time are shocked following surprise Line Of Duty star appearance

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8 Jun 2021, 15:10

Time has literally stood still for the new BBC drama as fans have been left gobsmacked after spotting a Line of Duty ghost. The three-part series stars Sean Bean and Stephen Graham and follows Bean after he is sent to prison after accidentally killing an innocent man. But it's also captured fans' imaginations for other LoD-esque reasons.

The violent jail drama written by Jimmy McGovern has gripped viewers but has also wowed with the appearance of Brian McCardie - the former mob boss and head of the OCG Tommy Hunter in Line of Duty.

Credit: BBC

Fans joked that bad man Hunter is still alive and well - and hiding in the parallel TV universe, Time.

One penned: "Now we know where Tommy Hunter really is..." 

Others added: "I'm sure I just saw Tommy Hunter in prison with Sean Bean on BBC iPlayer," and: "Mother of God, it's Tommy Hunter."

Fans commented: "The ghost of Tommy Hunter? They don't want to be messing with him," and: "Just spent the first episode recognising all the actors from different shows and then Tommy Hunter pops up!"

Stephen Graham also starred in LoD as undercover officer John Corbett.

Viewers mocked: "John Corbett is here with Tommy Hunter!" And: "At last, John Corbett caught up with Tommy Hunter!"

Another added: "Tommy Hunter and John Corbett on a Sunday night. All we need now is Vicky McClure and Martin Compston!"

The gritty drama was filmed in the former real-life jail HM Prison Shrewsbury and also stars Downtown Abbey's Siobhan Finneran and The Royle Family legend Sue Johnston.