Asda launches new Big Breakfast pizza and it's blown people's minds

Virgin Radio

8 Jun 2021, 16:03

This sounds like the perfect hangover cure. Asda have launched a new breakfast-inspired pizza and it's split opinion. Set on a thin and crispy base, the toppings include a breakfast-esque banquet of mushrooms, bacon, sausage, Heinz beans and hash browns. Handily available in time for the Euros2020.

Facebook group NewfoodsUK shared an image of the controversial pizza with thousands of people loving - and hating - the sound of the new concoction.

The NewsfoodUK said: "New Big Breakfast Pizza Fry up on a pizza? Why not! It’s even topped with Heinz Baked Beans! Now available at Asda for a limited time only! "

Social media users commented: "Hash browns don't belong on a breakfast plate let alone a pizza, and where's the black pudding?" 

Another added: "This but without mushrooms".

Others penned: "Am all over that!" plus: "This has my name written all over it!" and: "This is what you needed this morning!"

Not-so-keen users wrote: "Ruined by beans for me," and: "No, I'm ok."