People are confused after TikToker says you should wash watermelon

Virgin Radio

24 Jun 2021, 13:46

The internet has given us many things, from adorable cat pics to learning a whole new skill, or becoming a great dancer.

Now, TikTok has taught us that we should be washing watermelon before we eat it.

The revelation came from TikTok user @rootedinspice, who shares great recipes.

Her tip came during a recipe for tarbooz ki sabji - an Indian dish that uses watermelon rinds.

To make it, boil watermelon rinds for twenty minutes, alongside a selection of spices.

You then add dried mango powder and salt.

Some users were confused by the watermelon being washed before it was cut up.

More than 35 million views have been clocked up so far. 

"'ve got to wash your watermelon?" one person asked, confused.

Someone else asked: "Why would I wash the outside of the watermelon if I'm eating the inside?" 

The United States Department of Agriculture recommends washing the melon, to remove any unseen dirt, materials or pesticides that are lingering on the outside of the fruit.

It could then transfer to the inside when you cut into it.

Basically, how many people could have touched that watermelon beforehand?

@rootedinspice explained why she washed it.

"I wash my produce that isn't organic in a fruit and veggie wash, especially if I'm eating the skin," she said to one stunned viewer.

Someone was blunter in reply: "It literally comes out the dirt, why aren't you washing it?"