Joe Wicks told by Kate Middleton that Prince George did his YouTube workouts

Virgin Radio

22 Sep 2021, 16:35

It wasn't just us sweating along with Joe Wicks during lockdown. Would you believe there was a certain little Royal Family fan also joining in the online exercise club PE With Joe?

The fitness guru gained an MBE for his services – and a mini regal follower.

He told OK!: “I met the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, at Wimbledon. She turned around and told me that George had a go at some of my workouts during lockdown, which was quite nice.

"It was quite mad to think that the Royal Family even knew about my workouts. It was pretty amazing."

He continued: "Even now, it’s still settling in just how many people took part in PE With Joe. I was just in my living room with a camera and a tripod, so I didn’t really have a perspective on how many people were enjoying it. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, really.

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"It’s hard because PE With Joe was such a career-defining moment that I think that’s probably going to be the peak of my career. But I still have so much ambition to work with children and young people.

"I’ve got a real passion for it and I think they need a lot of support, guidance and inspiration. So the next few years will be dedicated to children’s health, fitness, mental health and nutrition."

Go Joe.