Fans are loving Netflix's Red Notice and are demanding a sequel

Virgin Radio

15 Nov 2021, 12:22

Pic: Netflix

It's not been out for long but fans already want a sequel to 'Red Notice' on Netflix.

The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Gal Gadot, and viewers are crying out for more.

It was released on the streaming platform last Friday, November 12.

It's an action-comedy with some huge names, and the stars are involved in an art heist.

However, not everything is as it seems - nor does it go to plan.

It went straight into the top ten most-watched items on Netflix, and fans hope there will be a sequel with a mega-budget to follow.

Not wishing to give away any spoilers, scriptwriters left room with the ending for there to be a sequel.

Not only that, but one of the film's stars is also apparently keen for a second crack at it.

The Rock has said he wants to make another film, and it was his production company, Seven Bucks who created the first.

We'd say that can only be a positive thing.

He told SiriusXM: "I would love to do more...

"It's up to the audience, so we will see. I will tell you that just based off of reaction so far and what we've been able to cull from the audiences, there's a good chance that we will see a return of this,

"And as a matter of fact, literally within the next hour, I'm meeting [director] Rawson Thurber here at this hotel and he, in his mind, has a 45-minute pitch that apparently is really good for Red Notice 2."

That all sounds very positive!

Social media has been flooded with praise for the film.

One person tweeted: "I need a sequel, pretty please with a cherry on top of a sundae."

Another added: "Thoroughly enjoyed Red Notice. Can I get a sequel please?!"

A third agreed: "Just watched Red Notice and I honestly really needed that after a sh***y week.

"Amazing movie and looking forward to the sequel already but you need to do outtakes!!!!!!!!!!!I'm laughing at the thought of them already."

Fingers crossed The Rock gets his way.