Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp shares sweet video regarding his future

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20 Dec 2021, 14:13

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

We’re not used to seeing Will from Stranger Things in a celebratory mood. Well, be honest, would you have much to be cheerful about if you’d been abducted by a Demogorgon and spent all that time in the Upside Down? However, now the actor that plays Will, Noah Schnapp, has reason to jump for joy, and he’s shared it online.

The actor posted a joyful reaction video on his TikTok page, which shows him finding out that he has been accepted to the University of Pennsylvania's class of 2026.

The video, which has also been shared on Netflix’s Twitter page, shows the 17-year-old Stranger Things star reading an email which informs him that he made it into the university. Once the news lands, he and his family go absolutely bonkers.

You can watch him celebrating with his twin sister Chloe, and his parents Mitchell and Karine, here: 

If you’re wondering why he is celebrating as though his team has just scored an injury-time winner, it’s because getting into the University of Pennsylvania isn’t easy. Only around 8.07% of applicants make it into the Ivy League institution. The prestigious university is ranked joint 13th in Times Higher Education’s world university rankings.

So we think his jubilation is entirely justified!

The rest of us will be celebrating in a similar way to Noah and his family soon, as the hotly-anticipated fourth season of Stranger Things is set to land on our screens in 2022.

Having waited since mid-2019, when we left the action at the end of season three after the epic battle of Starcourt Mall, we’re finally set to get some new episodes. And if the latest trailer is anything to go by, then we’re in for a treat. In it, there are guns being fired, a car chase, helicopters hovering, Eleven being restrained by men in suits, and a massive explosion. 

We’re looking forward to seeing Noah and his pals back in action!