'I’m A Celebrity' and 'MasterChef' are the TV shows The Apprentice’s Navid Sole has his eye on next

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21 Jan 2022, 16:47

Credit: Laura Kirkpatrick PR

Credit: <strong>Laura Kirkpatrick</strong> PR

Navid was the latest candidate to get fired from The Apprentice, but he says we haven’t seen the last of him.

The pharmacist was booted out of the competition this week (20 January) when he faced Lord Sugar in the boardroom

But according to Navid, we’ll hopefully be seeing more of him.

On the show, viewers got to see his professional side, but Navid says there’s a whole different part of him that is “crazy” and “wants to have fun.”

At a press event following his elimination from The Apprentice, the pharmacist was asked what was next for him after the show.

He said: “I would definitely love to do something like MasterChef.

“I’m interested to see what the judges would think of me if I cook something exotic. I just have to hope I don’t end up making them sick.”

Navid also expressed interest in getting involved in another well-known TV show.

He continued: “I do have a phobia when it comes to sleeping in small beds with insects and spiders. But I’ll definitely do I’m a Celeb, Get Me Out Of Here.

“Because trust me, you will see a different side to now. I think you would literally explode laughing at what I’d do…especially if I see spiders. I go crazy.”

Of course, we would love to see that.

Whilst this is all fantasy for Navid, the former Apprentice candidate did hint that he had some other things already lined up following his exit from the show.

He teased: “I’m going to be doing a lot more things after this, but obviously I have to wait until the show is kind of finished, and then I can move on to my next project.

“Yeah, so hopefully I’ve got a lot coming up, and you know, you’ve not seen Navid yet…this is just the beginning.”

Considering he had the whole press event in stitches laughing at his antics, we can safely say we can’t wait to see what Navid will be up to next.

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