Jason Bateman responds to fan theories about his Ozark and Arrested Development characters

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25 Jan 2022, 10:58

Credit: Rex

Credit: Rex

It’s fair to say that Arrested Development and Ozark are somewhat different in their tone. One is a hilarious sitcom, while the other is an almost unbearably tense drama. However, some viewers have noticed one similarity between the shows, and it’s causing a pretty wild fan theory to emerge.

Not only is Jason Bateman the star of both series, but people are pointing out that his characters are in strangely similar situations.

In the award-winning comedy Arrested Development, which first aired in 2003, Bateman plays Michael Bluth, who desperately tries to hold his family together in the middle of all kinds of problems and illegality regarding fraud and the family business. 

In Ozark, which is currently screening on Netflix, Bateman plays the role of Marty Byrde, a financial advisor desperately trying to hold his family together after he gets himself into an increasingly tangled web of money-laundering.

Not only do the two characters share initials, and find themselves dealing with some of the same problems, but fans have noticed similarities between their personalities as well. This has led to theories that they are, in fact, the same person, and that Michael Bluth is actually Marty Byrde in witness protection.

In a new interview in The Guardian, Bateman has responded to the theory about the characters. He said: “I think they have similar blind spots. Their arrogance and hubris leads to early decisions. Perhaps they should think a little bit longer about what they do.”

He added: “I’m not too far removed from a drama when I’m doing Arrested Development and I’m not too far from a comedy when I’m doing Ozark. 

“In a drama, I’m not the person with a knife, I’m the person getting chased. In a comedy, I’m not the person farting, I’m the person who smelled it.”

The first part of Season 4 of Ozark is available on Netflix now. The release date for the second-half of the season, which will conclude the drama, has not yet been announced.