Dream job alert! How to earn £50,000 to binge-watch new shows on Netflix

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9 Feb 2022, 11:28

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

If you’re planning to ‘Netflix and chill’ for Valentine’s Day (or every day) you might as well get paid for it!

Binge-watching your favourite shows became a staple in most households while we were stuck indoors during lockdown, but now, you can earn a whopping £50,000, if you are the lucky applicant. 

Online contact lens retailer Lenstore is, as they put it, ‘on the hunt to find the biggest TV binger - someone who loves TV and sees the ‘are you watching Netflix’ multiple times a week.’

Does that sound like you? Do you also love watching shows like Bridgerton, Love Is Blind and Ozark? Then you might be just what Lenstore is looking for. 

The retailer is on the lookout for someone who can watch 10 different TV series and rate them for ‘the new binge-ability ranking’ and the best part (aside from getting to stay curled up on the sofa for hours on end) is they’ll pay you £50,000 and give you a year’s worth of eye drops. 

In the job description, the company said: “We want to reveal the ultimate binge-worthy TV shows, so the lucky tester will need to rank various TV series including shows set to return in 2022 including Bridgerton, Love is Blind, and Ozark. 

“After watching you will be required to rate the show on a series of ‘bineagbility metrics’ where you’ll be asked questions including, how likely you were to choose “next” once an episode ended and how often you looked at your phone during an episode. 

“Using all that data from your hard work of watching, we will compile a list of the most bingeable TV shows for all of us serial chillers.”

If you are now busy adding your binge-watching qualifications to your CV, there are a couple of things to note before you send in your application. 

Everything must be sent before 28th February, and you can only submit one application. It’s unfortunately not a full time job, and you will be subjected to a deadline to binge all those shows in. 

Make sure you keep an eye on that junk inbox too. If you win, miss the email and don’t respond, the job will be forfeited and given to someone else. 

If you can handle the pressure and fancy turning your TV habit into a lucrative gig, the link to the job specification is here. Good luck!