The Rock sends a hilarious voice note to a man after he slides into his DMs

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9 Feb 2022, 13:18

Credit: @rayxswift TikTok and Getty

Credit: @rayxswift TikTok and Getty

If you needed any more reason to love the pro wrestler, he’s sent a voice note of him rapping his own song to a man on Instagram DMs.

TikToker Ray Swift has been quite popular for his videos where he slides into the DMs of famous people such as Doja Cat, Lizzo and Lil Naz X and gets them to finish the lyrics to their own songs.

In one of his most recent videos, he messages WWE superstar and singer  Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

In the beginning, Swift tells the camera: “Finish the lyrics with The Rock” and then shows screenshots of him messaging the celebrity with lyrics to his song with Tech N9ne, Face Off.

The song went viral on TikTok last year and has been used over 1.5 million times, most commonly in videos of people trying to motivate themselves to do things.

The Rock also loves it when people know his music. In one video that got 16 million likes, a crowd is yelling the iconic lyrics: “It’s about drive, it’s about power, we stay hungry, we devour” at the pro Wrestler, who starts singing along with a huge grin on his face.

He also appeared to approve when Ray Swift sent an Instagram DM of the lyrics, which The Rock replied to with flame emojis.

The biggest shock, however, was when he sent back a voice message finishing off the lyrics.

In the message, he can be heard rapping: “Got the soul in my veins / My culture bangin’ with Strange / I change the game, so what’s my motherf****** name (Rock).”

The video, which now has over two million likes, had people rushing to the comments to show their love for The Rock.

Credit: @rayxswift TikTok

Credit: @rayxswift TikTok

One user wrote: “He actually did, noooo way.”

Another said: “This is absolutely amazing & should be placed in our history books.”

A third commented: “I would literally die if that was me.”

As always, there were some naysayers who thought that Swift had faked the whole thing.

One person wrote: “I want to believe it, but it’s TikTok.”

We want to believe it, but you can make your own mind up about that. See the full video here.