The Simpsons' Smithers gives his first EVER gay interview to Attitude magazine

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17 Feb 2022, 08:30

Credit: The Simpsons / Attitude

Cue the fanfare. Smithers has spoken. After coming out in 2016, the iconic character has finally lifted the lid on his private life — and a life-long obsession with Mr Burns.

Talking exclusively to the newly-revamped Attitude, Smithers opens up about finding love with Michael de Graaf (Victor Garber) in the upcoming episode Portrait of a Lackey On Fire set to air on Sky Showcase, 6th March at 7pm.

Smithers, otherwise known as Waylon, told the magazine about his feelings for Mr Burns. He advised: “Maybe don’t spend two decades of your life pining after someone who will never love you back.

"No matter how often you think about him, no matter how many love letters you send, it will never be requited. Because you will never be good enough for Karl Malden.”The Simpsons writer Johnny LaZebnik said about working on the special episode Portrait of a Lackey On Fire: "There are so many moments of sweetness and romance. We get gay people being funny and having sex in the media — seeing them falling in love is actually still pretty rare...

"I had a lot of ideas about how exactly a relationship with Smithers would look — someone who is famously obsessed with an old man. I was like: ‘I feel it would be a daddy...’”

Publisher of Attitude, Darren Styles said: “The all-new Attitude is intended to reflect our status as what is now the biggest LGBTQ media brand in the world, but also to provide a better fit for a discerning (and demanding) audience long-known to appreciate nice things."

The March/April issue of Attitude is out now