Ben Stiller describes the ‘amazing concept’ behind new Apple TV+ comedy-thriller Severance

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17 Feb 2022, 09:50

Credit: Apple TV+

Credit: Apple TV+

Have you ever wanted to physically split your work/life balance? Well Ben Stiller and Adam Scott will explore that very concept in their new drama Severance. 

The Apple TV+ show, which also stars Patricia Arquette and John Turturro, focuses on mysterious company Lumen Industries, where some employees, based on a certain floor, undergo a ‘severance’ procedure that splits the work-life balance definitively. 

Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott stars as Mark, who has the intense procedure done, and it means he has no idea what his home life is like while at work, and has no idea what he’s done at work while at home. 

According to the New York Post, the first episode features Mark crying in the car park, but as soon as he enters his work’s building, he can’t remember why he was so emotional. 

Speaking to the publication, Ben, who is directing the series, revealed how he wanted to merge his comedy roots with a sci-thriller twist. 

He explained: “This show had a lot of different elements in it that I love. Just the idea of a workplace comedy that has a very specific tone and humour and rhythm to it, in terms of the cadences of how everybody talks — in movies like ‘Office Space’ or shows like ‘The Office’ or ‘Parks and Recreation.

“Those [are] all part of a distinct genre that’s evolved over the last few years that I wanted to play off in the show. And then another aspect was this weird sort of unsettling world that had a generic quality about it."

Adam’s character Mark is the first one out of the work team who believes things at Lumen aren’t quite right, and according to the actor, it was the multitude of different elements included in Severance that really drew him in. 

He revealed: “[Severance] was something that I would want to watch as an audience member. It’s this mix of dark humour and satire and thriller and suspense, all with this sinister undercurrent that’s really fun. 

“Just the idea of being at work and not knowing who you are to the outside world, and when you go home, you have no idea what your job is and what you do while you’re there had so many fun possibilities. I had to be a part of that.”

Good news is that we don’t have to wait very long before learning about the mysterious deeds going on behind the scenes at Lumen. 

Severance will air on Apple TV+ on Friday 18th February.