Ant and Dec admit they live in fear of being pranked by revengeful celebrities

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17 Feb 2022, 09:59

Credit: Getty/ ITV

Credit: Getty/ ITV

The pair are famous for playing tricks on celebs during Saturday Night Takeaway.

The famous duo has played pranks on the likes of Gordon Ramsey, James Corden, Simon Cowell, Bradley Walsh and many other famous faces over the years.

Now they have admitted they live in fear of being pranked back by vengeful celebrities they have played jokes on.

Most of the pranks take place during the Undercover segment of their ITV show Saturday Night Takeaway, which sees the pair disguise themselves and play tricks on celebrities.

Reactions have varied from laughter to anger, and as a result, the lads have started to keep an eye out in case any of their past victims decide to take revenge.

As reported in the Daily Star, Ant said: “We always worry about them getting revenge. Gordon Ramsey was very angry when we pranked him.

“If we are in a taxi and they take the wrong turn, or weird things happen in the studio we immediately think it is an Undercover on us.”

 Dec chimed in: “We are in constant fear. We are always looking around to check for hidden cameras.”

One of the most memorable pranks they did was on The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh.

In 2005 the pair booked him in as an after-dinner speaker at a fake event and hired actors to pose as attendees. The lads also attended disguised in prosthetics.

Walsh was got by the pair again in 2020, and this time, it was on his own turf.

The Geordies used earpieces to communicate with contestants on The Chase to cause havoc on the show.

They caused so much chaos, in fact, Bradley started to get flustered and actually had to leave and compose himself backstage.

Eventually, the lads ran out and unveiled themselves as the meddlers to the programme, leaving Bradley looking stunned.

We don’t blame them for watching their backs after pranks like that!

Saturday Night Takeaway will return to ITV on 19 February 2022 at 9pm.