There’s now a geography-based Wordle spin-off game, called Worldle

Virgin Radio

17 Feb 2022, 11:49

Credit: Worldle

Credit: Worldle

Playing Wordle has become a regular part of millions of people’s days over the past couple of months. However, if your quizzing needs aren’t fully satisfied by the few minutes it takes to either work out the solution to Wordle, or fail to do so, then you’ll be interested to learn of a new game that has arrived online.

Worldle is here, and it isn't just a misspelling of Wordle! It’s actually a game that requires players to work out a different country each day.

The key difference with Worldle is that it’s not based on language, but rather geographical knowledge. Whereas Wordle gives players six chances to guess a daily word, and offers them clues along the way based on the letters they have guessed, Worldle players must try to guess one country or territory based on an outline of its shape. 

Once you have taken your first guess, assuming it’s not correct, you will be told how far away you are from the right answer, and in which direction it is. 

Like Wordle, the new game is free to play and there is one solution per day. And if you want to show off how good you are at Worldle, you can share your results on social media with similar green, yellow and black squares to Wordle.

This new geography-based game was created by Antoine Teuf, a web and video game developer who lives in Montpellier, France. Teuf told The Washington Post that he sees his invention as a tribute, rather than “a copy of the original Wordle game”.

The new game reached 10,000 users within 10 days of its creator sharing it on social media last month. On Sunday, Worldle was played by 570,000 people, and this Monday (14th February), more than 950,000 had a go at it.

Worldle follows another new variation of Wordle, called Quordle. This game requires players to solve for four five-letter words simultaneously, giving them nine guesses to do so. as you would expect, it is really, really difficult! 

All three games, between them, should keep you busy!

You can play Worldle here.