Charlotte Church shares how loyal fans believed she was ‘an actual angel’ with ‘divine powers’

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17 Feb 2022, 15:51

Credit: ITV

Credit: ITV

After recording Voice Of An Angel aged only 12, Charlotte Church has revealed some fans took that record name quite literally. 

The Welsh star rose to fame as a child operatic singer, and the release of her debut album made her the youngest artist with a number one record on the British classical crossover charts.

She quickly found footing in the pop world too, and by 2007 had sold 10 million copies records worldwide. 

Charlotte is the next celebrity in the hot-seat on Kate Garraway’s Life Stories, and she opened up about her struggles growing up in the spotlight. 

In the episode, airing tonight (Thursday 17th Februrary), Charlotte revealed: “People often would say that I was an actual angel.

“And you know, this is particularly in religious America and stuff where people really thought that I had some sort of, you know, divine power.”

It didn’t stop there for Charlotte, who went on to say how in the earlier years of her career, people would say her voice miraculously healed them from their illnesses.

She continued: “I remember having fans at signings and stuff who would be shaking from head to toe to meet me, and that was weird.

“And there was another guy backstage at a show in New York, who was absolutely convinced I’d cured his brain cancer through listening to my music.

“It’s like, you know, I doubt it happened. But he was absolutely convinced. So I was like, 'fair enough babes'."

Having spent much of her younger days in the spotlight, Charlotte admitted the only thing she rebelled against was ‘celebrity’, as she battled to grow up in a world that wanted to keep her an innocent, young girl. 

Charlotte explained: “All of the normal ways in which we grow and how puberty happens and how girls become women, was stifled and such.

“I felt I had to be this other eternally young, innocent, you know, little girl and that’s not where literally biological life was taking me."

Having temporary stepped away from the spotlight aged 16, Charlotte said she wanted to experience life as it would’ve been without worldwide fame. 

She continued: “I will have this life that I’m supposed to have this life of Charlotte and Cardiff with her friends.

“This whole showbiz nonsense, which is a facade. This isn’t my life.” 

Kate Garraway’s Life Stories featuring Charlotte Church airs tonight, February 17 at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.