EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Parris on the best and strangest advice that made it into her new book Advice From Strangers

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17 Mar 2022, 10:00

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

Comedian Rachel Parris is taking on people’s life titbits in her debut book, Advice From Strangers (out today), and while talking exclusively to virginradio.co.uk, she revealed what inspired the life guide and the best (and weirdest) advice she received from people up and down the country. 

Advice From Strangers came about after the Late Night Mash star decided to ask members of the audience at her comedy shows to write down one piece of advice on a scrap of paper. These sometimes made it into the shows themselves, but Rachel kept hold of some golden nuggets of wisdom, and the rest is history. 

Rachel explained: “I kept all of those little bits of advice in a cupboard, basically, in my house. And so when I started writing a book a year and a half ago, I decided to use all those genuine bits of advice from strangers as leaping off points. So every chapter is based on a real bit of advice that I've been given by a stranger and they are really far ranging.”

Among some of the strangest advice Rachel was given included one about owning as many guinea pigs as humanly possible. Yes, really. 

When asked if she tried out the guinea pig theory, Rachel added: “I've had a guinea pig. And I would not say that they improve in great quantity. I don't think they are the best pet that you want, like 1000 guinea pigs. So yeah, I interrogated, let's say, that bit of advice. They obviously just love them.

Not all titbits were about pets, or how many of them you should have. Rachel also admitted there were some truly golden pieces of advice. 

When asked about the best life tip she received and had to include in the book, Rachel revealed: “I think one of the ones that I really agreed with was only indulge in things that you really, really like, I think that's really good advice. 

“I've had a bit of a sort of like Quaker-ish, Methodist upbringing, and I don't agree with that. I think this idea is pretty good for like, not going overboard, not getting addicted to things, not kind of going off down a rabbit hole with anything…just kind of having a balance in your life. 

“So do indulge, do indulge. But make sure it's worth it. Make sure you have enough of the things that you really like. So that’s a little way of saying a little bit of what you fancy does you good.”

Rachel has been busy with her book and new comedy tour All Change Please, which kicked off this month, but Late Night Mash fans are still eagerly awaiting word about whether the satirical news show will return to screens.  

When asked about the potential return of the Dave series, Rachel coyly said: “I think what I can say is we very much hope that it will return.”

Amidst rumours she could take over from host Nish Kumar following his exit from the series, Rachel continued to play down any confirmation of what could happen next. 

She stated: “Yeah, I would miss Nish so much. But I love the show. And yeah, I'd love for it to continue in that way if that was the right thing for it. So who knows?” 

Rachel’s new book, Advice From Strangers, is out now.