Eddy's Good News: What good old Okra can do and a Dog can be everyone's best friend!

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11 Apr 2022, 09:00

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Good news from the USA and researchers that have found a totally natural way to remove microplastics from water and it’s using the slimiest of vegetables, good old okra!

You know okra, my mum always called them ladies fingers and they can be very slimy when you cook them in certain ways, but researchers at the University of Texas have used that very slime as a ‘flocculant’ (great word). A Flocculant is a sticky chemical that attracts things like microplastics, congeals them into a big lump, then that lump sinks and can be separated from the water. There are a number of flocculants but some of them are as bad as the plastic they’re trying to remove, but okra is natural, non toxic, edible, delicious even and using it in this way can in theory, safely remove the dreaded microplastics from our water supply and even the ocean. They’re now looking for funding to do this on an industrial scale and we wish them good luck and godspeed! (the music gives you money for absolutely nothing).

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Blackpool Gazette

A wonderful news pupdate from here in the UK and another life saved by a dog who detected cancer in her mum.

This is the third time in as many years that I’ve reported a dog finding saving the life of their dogparent by sniffing out cancer in time for them to get treated early. Say hello to 11 year old Yorkshire terrier Bella Boo and her mum Karena, who’s from Blackpool. Weeks ago, Bella Boo started jumping up and down on Kerna’s chest, she was clearly very agitated and increasingly so…she ended up actually crying, whimpering the way dogs do when they’re really upset by something. She was obsessed with her mum’s chest. Karena took this as a signal her dog was trying to tell her something and she felt her breasts and found a little lump there, so she went to the doctor and it’s now been confirmed she has breast cancer, but she’s getting treated and the docs said if her persistent pooch hadn’t doggy-diagnosed her, then it would have been curtains for Karena. There are scientists currently studying how these amazing creatures can sniff out tumours like truffles.

Via: blackpoolgazette.co.uk