Carol Vorderman rescues a stranded mountain hiker

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3 May 2022, 09:13

Carol Vorderman

Credit: Getty

Not only is Carol Vorderman a useful person to have around if you've got a difficult mathematical problem to solve, but it turns out she’s also handy if you find yourself stranded up a mountain! 

The television presenter, famed for her quick maths on hit Channel 4 show Countdown, came to the rescue of a mountain hiker who was in the midst of a conundrum over the long weekend. Carol was enjoying a walk at Brecon Beacons, a beautiful mountain range in Wales, on Saturday when she chanced upon a man who had locked his keys inside the car when heading off on a hike. 

Tyrone Coburn took to Facebook to share the news of his fortuitously-timed celebrity encounter, writing: “Locked my keys in my car today after walking the horse shoe in Brecon."

Posting a picture of himself with a smiling Carol, he explained that he “had no signal to phone AA and this kind lady CAROL VORDERMAN came to my rescue and gave me a lift to the nearest village so I could ring them, what a lovely lady she is.”

The television presenter then shared the post on Instagram, saying that she was “wandering around the Beacons,” when “Tyrone and his two friends came over and said that he’d locked his keys in his car. Problem was he would have to climb back up a mountain for a signal to ring the AA or walk 5 Miles to the nearest village… Er Hello… time for a lift.”

The numbers whizz then joked: “He made me laugh tho, cos we were chatting away in the car and it was only when I took my sunnies off that he recognised me. Two frights at once. Seeing it was the old numbers bird off the telly and it was her without make up as well!!!!”

One of Tyrone’s mates, who was with him on the hike then commented: “We’d still be there now if you didn’t help, can’t thank you enough.”

People in the comments section were impressed with Carol’s good deed, including H from Steps, who wrote: “Not all heroes wear capes!”