Inventor makes 'Burrito Bumper' to collect dropped food and create a new burrito

Virgin Radio

6 May 2022, 09:22

A burrito and "The Burrito Bumper"

Credit: Getty / Instagram @unnecessaryinventions

We all love a burrito, don’t we? However, what we don’t necessarily love is just how much of a messy business it can be to eat them. Well, an Instagram user has come up with an ingenious invention to solve that issue.

If you’ve ever ended up with more contents from your burrito on the table/floor than in your mouth, then you’ll be very interested to see how The Burrito Bumper works.

Essentially, the invention from Matty Benedetto acts as a funnel which catches all of the bits of food and places them in a new tortilla, ready to be eaten. Amazing, right?

Sharing a video on his Unnecessary Inventions Instagram page of how the Burrito Bumper works, Matty wrote: “The Burrito Bumper™️ the food funnel for sloppy burritos that catches your fallen filling and carefully crafts a secondary taco for you to enjoy. 

“First, effortlessly insert a tortilla into the bottom basket and begin bingeing on your overstuffed burrito. As it ultimately falls apart, the overflow of ingredients will conveniently flow into the funnel and be swiftly inserted into your newly created taco below. 

“Upon the last bite of your burrito, simply reach down and go to town on your freshly recycled taco creation. #unnecessaryinventions”

Commenters were very impressed with the creation. One person wrote: “Shut up and take my money.”

Another person questioned Matty’s claim in his Instagram bio that he designs and builds products “to solve problems that don’t exist”. They joked: “I followed this page for unnecessary inventions, not necessary ones.”

Another simply said: “Genius.”

We agree! 

There is unfortunately no suggestion that The Burrito Bumper will actually be available to buy at any point, so it looks like we’ll just have to continue putting up with eating our burritos messily.