Dr Alex George wants to house incoming Ukrainian family in Pembrokeshire holiday cottage 'ASAP'

Virgin Radio

6 May 2022, 11:47

Dr Alex George

Credit: Getty

Mental health advocate and former Love Islander Alex George is hoping to help a Ukrainian family escape the ongoing conflict by opening up one of his newly purchased holiday cottages. 

Dr Alex recently bought a number of holiday homes in Pembrokeshire and is planning to renovate them.

One of the new cottages will have a completely different purpose, as the GP and reality star has promised to rehome a Ukrainian family fleeing the Russian invasion. 

He announced the news via Instagram, telling fans: “With all of the current devastation in Ukraine, I have decided I would love one of the cottages to be home to a Ukrainian family for as long as they need.

"My plan is to start the renovations and get the properties into a good state to house a family as soon as possible."

Speaking exclusively to virginradio.co.uk, Dr Alex gave an update on the current renovation, and said him and his family are working hard to help a family as soon as they can. 

On the plans, Dr Alex explained “The outbuilding, which was broken up before, is in desperate need of work. So we're currently doing all that now as fast as we can. As soon as it's done, then we'll have a family in there ASAP. 

“I mean, I'm really excited about it…if you think about it, or even try to imagine what they're going through in their country, compared to the safety and sanctity we have here, relative sanctity. I can't imagine it. 

“I'm very privileged to be able to do this, to keep a cottage empty for them. I think I'm very fortunate to do that. I feel for me and my family, it means a lot.”

His parents currently live in one of the main houses, and Dr Alex continued: “[My parents] are excited to do what they can as well. So you think of this scenario, what if I was a family out there? What if it was me and my kids in that country? You'd want people to do something, wouldn’t you? And I think that's my feeling.”

Meanwhile, Dr Alex is currently championing Mental Health Awareness Week, which kicks off on Monday 9th May. 

While incredibly open about mental health both on and off screen, it wasn’t always as easy for Dr Alex, who explained: “My whole interest in this was because I was at university and I just completely lost myself and I was experiencing a mild depression, I think, at the time. I was really struggling. And I didn't speak to anyone. I did not speak to the university because I was scared about what they might say, 'you can’t be a doctor, you can't graduate.'

“I didn't speak to the doctors for the very same reason. Eventually I did pick up the phone to my mum, and I look back at all that, and that was the first step that allowed me to get better. And I did a lot of the changes from exercise to sleep, all these things, and those things really helped me.

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