Who's Top of the TV dads: Eastenders' Mick Carter, My Family's Ben Harper or Fresh Prince's Philip Banks?

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16 Jun 2022, 11:08

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The nation’s favourite onscreen fathers have been crowned — and you'll be surprised at who's been given the TV trophy for top dad.

Research has picked up on the positive changing face of fatherhood with 93% of parents today agreeing that the role of ‘dad’ has evolved for the better.

The study of 2,000 British parents carried out by kids TV show Bluey has revealed that two thirds of British parents’ define a modern dad as a 'provider of emotional support to their children [who] helps with the household chores' who 'muck in much more at home' and 'enjoy being present for their kids'.

Sounds good to us.

Among the top ten tele favourites were Homer Simpson, Ken Barlow and Mick Carter - but who came out on top?

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Top 10 TV dads of all time include:

1. Philip Banks, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

2. Mick Carter, Eastenders

3. Ben Harper, My Family

4. Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

5. Bandit, Bluey

6. Ken Barlow, Coronation Street

7. Jack Pearson, This is Us

8. Jim Royle, The Royle Family

9. Howard Cunningham, Happy Days

10. Pete Brockman, Outnumbered

Two thirds of dads recognise their most important job is to be a good role model and parent, whilst only 7% still perceived it to be the breadwinner.

Over three quarters of dads today (78%) cook for their family; 69% and 60% do bedtime and bath time routines, 60% do the school run; 54% help with homework; and 47% take kids to after-school and weekend clubs.

It's thought that 80% of dads muck into household chores compared to a measly 25% just one generation ago, with the same number more involved in childcare.

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Parenting expert Sarah Ockwell-Smith, who specialises in the psychology and science of parenting, comments: “Bluey’s Father’s Day survey confirms that the priorities of modern fathers have shifted. Dads today are more involved in all elements of parenting and are more open, emotionally available, nurturing and playful than previous generations.

"Previous generations of fathers have traditionally been viewed as ‘the head of the household’, with an emphasis on bringing in most of the family income with little time for play, bedtime stories and opportunities to connect with children emotionally.”

Sarah adds: “Changes in work and society allow parents to share responsibilities more equally and clearly dads are happier with their new role. Times have changed and fictional dads such as Bandit in Bluey are reflective of a new era in parenting.

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"This survey shows that dads today are more mindful of their own upbringings. Simply put, they are now able to be more involved and present on a day to day basis to give their kids the best start and enjoy being the best dads they can be.”

Sarah explains: “Philip Banks was funny and witty yet authoritative. He was always there for his children when they needed him. He practiced authoritative parenting, not afraid to set boundaries and rules, but was also patient, kind and understanding.”