Blind Date’s iconic voiceover star ‘Our Graham’ dies aged 90 and fans are devastated

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27 Jun 2022, 15:48

Credit: Sky News

Who will ever forget 'Our Graham with a quick reminder'? The infamous voice from Blind Date — otherwise known as Graham Skidmore — has sadly passed away and viewers of the retro show are in bits.

A staple on the ITV show between 1985 and 2002, the late, great lead star Cilla Black coined the phrase 'Our Graham' and his dulcet tones were recognised across the nation. His voice was also used from 1993 to 2002 in Vic and Bob’s Shooting Stars.

The sad news has just been revealed that the star passed away on 27th December, having suffered with vascular dementia for 10 years while living in Kent.

His son, Neil, said about the father-of-three: “He might not have wanted to be seen on screen, but he had a celebrity voice - a known voice.

“He loved it. I do event organising and had a show in London and got Dad to do the voice over. People recognised him straight away.”

Fans took to social media to express their sorrow. One said: "So sorry to learn TV game show Blind Date Voiceover Graham Skidmore known by the late and great Cilla Black as (Our Graham) has passed away my sincere condolences thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this sad time."

Another penned: "Sad to learn about the death of Graham Skidmore - who was simply known as Blind Date's Our Graham. He really was the voice of Saturday night TV as I was growing up - along with his vocal talents on Shooting Stars."

Credit: ITV

A third commented: "Saturday nights have never been the same since no longer hearing 'Ladies and gentlemen, it's BliiindD-daaate. And here is your host, Miss Cillaaa Blaaaack!'. Yes sadly Our Graham from Blind Date has died, such an iconic voice from my childhood & also remember him on Shooting Stars."

Daughter Catherine told The Sun: "After National Service he went into engineering and for a hobby he started singing. He had an exceptional singing voice.

“He was told he ought to try out for musicals. That is what got him into the theatre. Daddy was self employed and had other lines of work.

Credit: BBC

"He had a launderette, a corner shop and he did up some flats. So there was some kind of consistency .

“He got into Blind Date and then Shootings Stars. He was in a St Trinians movie, a Style Council video with Paul Weller and was in the background of a Tom Cruise - Nicole Kidman film Eyes Wide Shut.

“At my wedding when he started talking people were turning round saying ‘I know that voice’, even though they did not know he was the voice on Blind Date.

“He was a marvellous man. He looked after people and made sure other people were taken care of.

“He was very modest. He was not a theatrical ‘look at me person.’ He never really wanted his face to be seen that’s why he liked doing the voice overs.”

RIP Our Graham and, of course, Our Cilla.