Steps reveal the secret behind being together for 25 years

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27 Jun 2022, 14:33


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Pop icons Steps reveal the secret behind still being together after 25 years. 

Believe it or not, it’s been 25 years since Steps line danced into our lives with their hit song 5,6,7,8, and the band are still together to this day. 

Speaking to and other press at the LGBT Awards on Friday (24 June), the pop legends believes there are a few reasons they have been able to stand the test of time.

When asked the secret behind their longevity, Lee said: “I think we are the original members out here…and just staying true to yourself. You know, we’ve always stayed true to what our steps music is about and what we’re about, and I think it’s paid off over the years, and we are the original five.”

Band member Claire added: “My theory is because we were never cool, we can never go out of fashion.”

Another reason why the band believes they have had such a long and successful career is down to a particular group of people- the queer community. 

As H says: “We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the gays or the whole of the queer community, and they have kept us up and kept us going.”

Faye added: “They were probably the first to shout about us.”

The band recalled that the LGBTQ+ community had been their biggest supporters from the very beginning and looked back to a gig they played at G-A-Y when they realised that their career was about to shoot off. 

Claire explained: “I remember years and years ago, when apart from the little under 18s gigs, we did a gig when 5,6,7,8 was released, and we played G-A-Y for the first time. I always remember Jeremy [Joseph] saying that, apart from Kylie [Minogue] we were the only other act, for our first single, to have crowds queueing around the block at Soho square.”

Fay added: “We went onstage and did 5,6,7,8 and I think maybe even Last Thing, and that was all we really had, and it was it right from the word go. I remember him [Jeremy]  saying to us, ‘If the gay community embraces you, then you're laughing’. 

The band ended up winning the award for Music Group at the LGBT Awards on Friday for not only being British pop culture legends, but true advocates for the LGBT+ community.