Do you want to play a game? A Saw immersive experience is coming

Virgin Radio

14 Jul 2022, 10:13

Saw: The Experience

Credit: Lionsgate / Saw: The Experience

If you’ve ever watched one of the terrifying games in the Saw films and thought, “Ooh, I fancy having a go at that”, then you’re in luck, because an immersive Saw experience is heading to London in time for Halloween.

In the original Saw horror movie from 2004, and in the numerous follow-ups and spin-offs, characters were forced to take part in twisted games to test their will to live through.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, you will definitely want to check out Saw: The Experience, which is created by The Path Entertainment Group, who made Monopoly Lifesized. The new attraction, which is being put together in partnership with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures, is described as a “multi room, explosive escape experience.”

The official Twitter account says that it “will test your mind, mettle and morals with full-scale games and tests,” and asks “do YOU have what it takes?”

In a statement, David Hutchinson, CEO of The Path Entertainment Group, said: “This is a new concept that pushes the boundaries and challenges audience expectations of immersive experiences. We hope to continue contributing to our high streets’ recovery by attracting people to the capital with a brand-new attraction; combining the best elements of escape rooms, gameplay, theatricality, and immersion.”

Meanwhile, Oren Koules and Mark Burg, producers on the Saw franchise and founders of Twisted Pictures, said: “Our Saw fans reach every corner of the globe, so we can’t wait to bring the films to life in London as an immersive escape experience. Now fans can be a part of the story and uncover what Jigsaw’s twisted games have in store for them firsthand at Saw: The Experience.”

As yet, the location has not been announced, but it will be somewhere in Central London, and the experience will start sometime this autumn. You can register for updates to stay in the loop here.