Eddy's Good News: Special time for war hero & Duo Lingo teaches Game of Thrones language!

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29 Jul 2022, 09:12

<em>Credit: The Scottish Sun</em>

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Friday 29th July 2022

Good news from here in the UK as an RAF D-Day pilot celebrates his 102nd birthday! Say hello to Harry Gamper, who turned 100 during lockdown and wasn’t able to celebrate, but he’s made up for it now with an Italian feast and all his family together.

War hero Harry, father of two served as an RAF pilot in World War II, pulling in more than a thousand hours of treacherous flying time in bombers and Catalina flying boats, and was awarded gongs for his service over France and Germany including a Battle of The Atlantic medal. 175 fighters were shot down in that battle so Harry was extraordinarily lucky as well as brave. Harry described his D-Day memories as “incredible, I’ll never forget it.” “For a whole week before D-Day, nobody was allowed off the aerodrome. So, something big was going to happen,” I think you could have almost walked across the Channel because every boat was going across it.”

Harry lives near the coast in Ayrshire and puts his amazing longevity down to these things: “art, music, good food and the finest wine. All of these things, and the people around you are what matter most in life.” But looking at his pictures both then and now he’s always smiling, always joyful and I’ve shared with you right here, stats that have proved that positive people live longer. Wonderful Harry is yet more proof.

Via: thescottishsun.co.uk

<em>Credit: Duolingo</em>

Good news for Game Of Thrones fans as you can now learn the High Valyrian language on Duo Lingo! Anyone who’s gone to a Comic Con, or any kind of Star Trek convention will be hilariously aware that some Trekkies take huge pleasure in speaking Klingon, and you can learn that online too! But the language speaking app has now added the ‘language of dragons’ from the most popular TV show in the world to their roster.

The language was spoken by several members of the Targaryen family, and others, including the fabulous Emelia Clark in her show-stopping role as the “Mother of Dragons,” Daenerys Targaryen. Valyrian was created by language expert David Peterson, whose job it is to invent fictional languages for the likes of Thor, Dune, and others.

With the Game Of Thrones prequel series which focuses on the story of how that family came to power not far away now, what better way to brush up on your Valyrian before the epic story unfolds on SKY TV.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org