'Creed' spin-off film based on 'Rocky' villain Drago in the works

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29 Jul 2022, 09:57

Dolph Lundgren who plays Ivan Drago in the original Rocky films

Credit: Getty

A Creed spin-off film about the iconic Rocky villain Ivan Drago and his son Viktor is currently in the works at MGM.

The Creed movies followed the son of one of Rocky’s other rivals, Adonis Creed, and did so well that MGM studios decided to expand on the original Rocky films that starred Sylvester Stallone in the 70s and 80s by looking at another villain, Ivan Drago.

Drago first cropped up in the 1985 movie Rocky IV and his son, Viktor Drago, appeared in 2018’s Creed II to face Apollo Creed’s son, played by Michael B. Jordan.

Screenwriter Robert Lawton is penning the script for the new film, according to Variety, after impressing MGM with his screenplay for Becoming Rocky, a documentary about the making of the first film.

Speaking to Variety, Lawton said: “I’m incredibly humbled and grateful for this opportunity, and I’m approaching it as an enormous fan of the Rocky franchise, who happens to be a screenwriter.”

Not many details have been released about the spin off, and it has not been confirmed who will be joining the cast yet, but if it follows the same storyline as Creed, then Florian Munteanu (who plays Viktor in the second movie) will likely be involved.

Munteanu is set to star again in Creed III alongside Michael B. Jordan, who is also directing the film in his feature debut, when it is released in March next year.

Tessa Thompson and Phylicia Rashad are also set to appear in the upcoming movie, but Sylvester Stallone has said he will be stepping down as Rocky to focus more on producing the films.

Speaking to Metro, he said: “Well it’s different because actually I bowed out of that one, I just didn’t know if there was any part for me.”

“I hear it’s really interesting. It takes it in a different direction. I wish them well and keep punching!”

Creed III will hit cinemas in March 2023.