Line Of Duty's Adrian Dunbar reveals details of his character in ITV's Ridley

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14 Aug 2022, 12:34

Credit: Rex

He'll play a singing detective!

Adrian Dunbar - best known as AC-12 chief Superintendent Ted Hastings in the hit BBC drama Line of Duty - has shared details of his character in ITV's new detective drama, Ridley.

Adrian, 64, plays the title role of a retired detective - Alex Ridley - who's now working in a consultancy role. He resumes his partnership with his former protégée, DI Carol Farman (Bronagh Waugh), now in charge of investigations - before their case takes a dark turn. 

Blimey. That doesn't sound good!

Adrian, 64, suggested to producers of the new series that Alex might sing in a nightclub he owns, as a way to process the death of his wife and daughter in a fire. Adrian performed Louis Armstrong classic 'What A Wonderful World' on Irish talk show The Late Late Show in 2019.

Check out his chops below!

The Northern Irish actor told the Daily Mail that, "Ridley's on a journey of redemption after a tragedy, so there are aspects of his personality, such as his sense of humour, that we don't see initially. He isn't at that place yet where he can laugh at things - but hopefully he will further down the line."

Adrian said he's excited to be playing a member of the police force other than the beloved Ted Hastings.

"Ted's uniform, especially the starched white shirt, didn't do me any favours!" he said. "I met a woman in Tesco who said: "You don't look nearly as fat as you do in Line Of Duty. It's probably those police-issue white shirts, isn't it?" I thought: "Charming!"

We're excited about this one. You might say we're sucking diesel, in fact.

'Ridley' will air on ITV this autumn.