Eddy's Good News: Sausages to the rescue and the best summer holidays story ever!

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26 Aug 2022, 09:27

Credit: The Times/News UK

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Friday 26th August 2022

Encouraging news from here in the UK and how they’re saving the awesome Scottish highlands, with sausages!

I’ve a special soft spot for the highlands having only returned from a mind blowing holiday there this week, it truly is one of the most beautiful and inspiring places on earth, so lets say hello to the Cairngorms National Park, 1748 square miles of awesomeness inhabited by tens of thousands of wild deer. This is all well and good but this is an ecosystem that needs to be in balance for everything to thrive.

We need new trees to be planted to nake up for historic deforestation, BUT: Deer love nothing more than the bark of young trees, they strip all they can gobble down with no thought for the tree. When the tree's bark is chewed off all the way around, the tree dies, and if the herd grows un-checked, we lose all our young trees and I don’t need to tell you what a disaster that is for a forest ecosystem. That’s why herds need to be culled and the so-called stalkers who are maintaining this delicate balance are funding this effort by selling venison, especially sausages, which are proving very popular. Beef is horrifically unsustainable and everything bar the fillet is terrible for your cholesterol levels, but wild venison is fat-free and totally sustainable. 

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Matthew Payne

Some inspiring news from here in the UK as an 8 year old girl gets to speak to an astronaut via her dad’s old skool ham radio!

Say hello to Isabella Payne and her dad Matthew who is a radio communications enthusiast with a set up at home that allows him to talk to people all over the world, but here’s the thing:

The International Space Station has a similar Ham station on board so they can talk to people back on earth, mostly schools and the conversations are mostly brief and formulaic.

But as the station passed over Kent, where Isabella and her dad live, they picked up on Mathew’s hail. Astronaut Kjell Lindgren got to talk to 8 year old Isabella, who was only two years old when she met Tim Peake the UK astronaut at a school talk her dad organised. He’s passed his love of space and of radio onto his daughter whose mind was blown when she had a proper chat to Kjell who later took to his Twitter to say that he’s had so many interactions via the ham radio all over the world, but that this was his favourite contact.

One small step for a Taiwanese-American astronaut, one giant step for an 8 year old English radio ham :)

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org