Gaby’s Six Picks: Ferris Buller and MORE!

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26 Aug 2022, 12:11

Picture: Paramount

Every day on drivetime our Gaby Roslin suggests a movie or a telly show for you to kick back to, relax, grab a cuppa and escape into the world of entertainment. This week it’s all about catching up on some of Gaby’s all time favourites! 

The Last Movie stars 

This week we’re kicking off with an emotional documentary based on interviews with Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman that were going to form their memoirs.

The original recordings were burnt and their secrets would have been lost if it weren’t for transcription, the all-star cast of George Clooney and Laura Linney and director Ethan Hawke bringing Joanne and Paul’s story to life once more!

Gaby says: ‘It is entrancing, it’s beautiful, it's mesmerising, I highly recommend it!’

The Last Movie Stars is streaming now on Sky and NowTV.


Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) has a problem. She’s living the high life in San Francisco but there is one thing she can’t remember… everything. In this epic thriller, Sophie embarks on a quest to put the pieces of her life back together after suffering extreme memory loss with the help of her husband and friends.

It’s a show full of twists, turns and an unexpected love triangle that leaves you wanting more!

Surface is streaming now on Apple TV+


The iconic BBC soap has never shied away from hard-hitting topics and has been an important platform to discuss social issues through the years.

Max Bowden, who plays Ben Mitchell, has been at the centre of a very sensitive storyline covering a male attack. It’s extremely well written and well acted and really is worth the watch.

Gaby says: ‘I always feel a bit guilty that we haven’t mentioned EastEnders because I have never missed an episode. The reason I bring it up now is that I just think they handle things so sensitively and really carefully and they do some very very difficult storylines.’

You can catch up on all of this week’s EastEnders on BBC iPlayer.

Bad Sisters

The latest project from Sharon Hogan ‘Bad Sisters’ is an electrifying comedy thriller that follows the Garvey Sisters and how their promise to protect one another and their shared hatred of John Paul, their brother in law can easily create chaos.

When John suddenly dies the questions start and it turns out all of the sisters have their own reasons for killing him… but who was really the culprit?

Gaby Says: ‘I’m shouting from the rooftops about how much I loved this.’ ‘It’s a must-watch.’

Graham Norton recently sat down with Bad Sisters star Eve Hewson, she said: "I also think just the dynamic between the sisters is brilliant," she continues, "and you really believe us as a family. It's funny and it breaks your heart. We're kind of like if Martin McDonagh birthed the Spice Girls or something, that's the kind of clan that we have..."

Bad Sisters is streaming now on Apple TV+

Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl

One global superstar, one incredible story. Shania Twain’s impact on music has been profound. Her ability to transcend the country genre and its stereotypes, produce huge pop records and bring so much confidence while taking huge risks is what sets her apart. 

In this documentary, we hear from Shania herself as well as lots of familiar faces from across the music world, including Lionel Richie, Diplo and Avril Lavigne as they all take time to sit down and remember what makes Shania Twain so great.

Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl is streaming now on Netflix.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

You may know people who’ve gone to great lengths to get a day off, but nobody does it quite like Ferris Bueller! In this 1986 classic Bueller (an expert at not going to school) decides to miss one more day before graduation. 

Take one ‘borrowed’ Ferrari, some ingenious diversions and a school principal who is desperate to catch the most iconic slacker in the act and you get the greatest day off in the cinema.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is streaming now on Netflix.