Eddy's Good News: What someone found on a beach walk & how a cold beer saved a life!

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1 Sep 2022, 09:10

Credit: Laura McNeil

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Amazing news from Canada and a school teacher who found a fossil on her walk along a beach that’s been hailed as a “find of a lifetime”.

Thursday 1st September 2022

What’s the oldest thing you’ve found on a walk? A Victorian bottle on a Devonian cliff top, a Georgian sword in Scotland or a medieval coin in Kent?

Say hello to Lisa Cormier who was on her regular walk in Cape Egmont on Prince Edward Island when she found what looked like a skeleton. She could clearly see a spine, head and ribs, so she took pictures and started investigating. The world of palaeontology suddenly did a collective cartwheel and descended on the site to confirm what she’d found was around 300 million years old! According to these experts a find like this only happens once every hundred years and could rewrite the history books. She’s found what’s likely to be one of the first reptiles as they evolved from amphibians in the carboniferous period around 300 million years ago. Lisa’s mind has been blown as palaeontologists urge all beachcombers to be on the lookout because there are so many more walkers than dinosaur experts and you never know, you might find something game changing like this!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

There have been plenty of good news stories with the punchline “beer can be good for you” and in the case of a father and son from Boston, their love of a cold beer is what saved their lives.

Say hello to officers from Boston’s harbour Police who got a call about a sinking boat while they were on patrol. Twenty odd minutes later they saw a bright turquoise object floating on the surface of the cold Atlantic ocean. It was a beer cooler, and clinging onto it for dear life were two men, a father and son, who’d been fishing when their boat went down.

They’d been in the cold sea for over fifteen minutes and had entered hyperthermia (anyone who does the Wim Hof Method is thinking - right now - that sounds like a perfect healthy dip time! But these guys clearly don’t subscribe to cold water therapy, but their love of a cold beer may have saved their bacon. They were rescued, with the son selflessly saying “get my dad first” and are now safe and warm and no worse off for their experience. Hopefully their lucky cooler will make it onto their next boat :)

Via: youtube.com