The Rock is on such a structured diet he brings his own food to eat at restaurants

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1 Sep 2022, 11:26

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson

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Imagine being on such a strict diet you have to take your own food when you go out to eat. It may defeat the object of dining out, but not if your name is Dwayne Johnson, whose eating habits are so regimented he takes his own grub with him.

Stephen Merchant, who directed The Rock in 2019's Fighting With My Family told SiriusXM’s Jim Norton and Sam Roberts Show about the actor's eating plan.

He told the presenters: “I think someone told me, maybe he told me, that when he goes for dinner with friends he has to take his food to the restaurant and have them heat it up because it’s such a structured diet he has to have.”

Host Jim Norton added: “That’s how you know you’re The Rock, when you walk into a restaurant, like ‘could you heat up this s*** I brought?’ Like, ‘yeah, absolutely'.”

Merchant continued: “I do remember having a meeting with him just in Texas just before WrestleMania and we were having a meeting about the movie and his alarm would go off at like 3:17 p.m. and he would go to the fridge and there would be turkey and rice with ‘3:17 p.m'. written on it and he would microwave it. It was so regimented."

Merchant said about The Rock's fan reception at WrestleMania: "I imagine it's like if Elvis came back, just the response. He picked up a flamethrower, and there was a giant wooden sign of 'The Rock' on the stage. And he just spent 10 minutes setting fire to that with the flamethrower without saying anything. The crowd was screaming the entire time. And I was like, wow."

Pass the menu, please.