Dolly Parton has made a clothing line for your pet called Doggy Parton

Virgin Radio

1 Sep 2022, 12:17

Dolly Parton poses with a dog and different outfits

Credit: Dolly Parton

If you feel like your dog needs some more glitz and glamour in their lives, then Dolly Parton has answered your prayers.

She has revealed a new line for pets called Doggy Parton.

Dolly explained in a statement: 'My love for pets is stronger than ever. This inspired me to start my own line of Doggy Parton apparel, accessories, toys and more with a little "Dolly" flair.

The shop currently has around 20 items available and, so far, the range includes dresses and shirts for dogs.

If your dog loves to chew, they'll adore a plush microphone, guitar and hot pink platform heel. 

If you really want to go glam, how about a feathered pink cowboy hat and a blonde wig to dress them as dolly.

She posed for photos with a very cute French Bulldog called Billy the Kid, owned by her manager Danny Nozell.

"Puppy Love was my very first record, and six decades later my love for pets is stronger than ever," she shared.

"I will always love you, Dolly Mama. Thank you for my @doggyparton wig and accessories," read the caption.

A source shared the news earlier this year, revealing: “Dolly is so passionate about pooches — and her Doggy Parton range proves that.

“She’s personally overseen the designs, which includes scarves, hats, raincoats and skirts for canines, along with hair accessories.

“There is also a full bedding range and furniture. It’s very Dolly. She’s really proud of it.”

Her new collection comes after the news that Dolly's goddaughter Miley Cyrus has been cast alongside her in the holiday TV movie Mountain Magic Christmas.