Rod Stewart has fans in stitches with his response to a grass bunker that looks like just him

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1 Sep 2022, 14:12

Rod Stewart and the grassy bunker that looks just like him

Credit: Getty / Twitter (@NoContextBrits)

Rod Stewart certainly knows how to poke fun at himself!

The iconic musician cheered his fans up on Twitter by responding to a photo of a grass bunker that looks a lot like the famous mane Rod is known for. 

The account @NoContextBrits posted a photo of the bunker, covered on top with long sandy grass, and a face-like brick structure, with the comment: “Rod Stewart is looking well.”

There is some resemblance between Rod’s unmistakable hair do and the flowing foliage on the bunker, and apparently, the Baby Jane singer saw it too!

Rod retweeted the meme and simply, and hilariously, responded: “F*** sake.”

Fans loved that Rod could laugh at himself and the meme. One commented: “Haha! Good to see you seeing the funny side of it. I thought you celeb sorts were very precious? Well Done for not being so mate.”

Another said: “Hey, at least he's got a sense of humor,” while a third wrote: “Nice to see a celebrity embracing humour. Good on you Rod.”

In other Rod news, the chart-topper recently made a new website giving fans access to photos, music and videos from across his career.

Titled Rod Stewart HQ, the website is a virtual museum-style collection spanning the entire timeline of his music and memories in pictures curated by Stewart himself. It explores every phase of the singer’s life, starting with his birth in 1945, early years, his huge successes in the 70s and the present day.

Announcing the new project, which launched in July, the Maggie May singer wrote on Instagram: “My friends, it’s here! A timeline of my life and what a life I’ve led. Please take a dive in- this captures so much of what I’ve been up to from family, music, parties, friends and more from every decade.

“The pictures had the memories come flooding back for me- maybe they will for you too. I’m so proud of and can’t wait to update more. What do you think?”

Now we’re just wondering if he’ll add the bunker to his collection!