Eddy's Good News: Helpful way to tackle homelessness and wind turbines

Virgin Radio

28 Oct 2022, 09:08

Credit: Village plan by The Other Side Academy

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Friday 28th October 2022

Inspiring news from the USA and a thoughtful initiative to tackle homelessness, a village of tiny homes, for the people that really need them.

The way things are we’re going to sadly see more and more homeless people on the streets, on trains so this brave and brilliant step by Salt Lake City Council will hopefully reverberate around the world as they announce plans for an 8 acre city site which features a pagoda in the centre of a perfect circle, with pathways radiating from the centre, along which they’re building 430 little homes which they hope to be both a sustainable solution to the city’s homelessness problem but a really positive step in the lives of its most vulnerable denizens.  The village will have shops, a health centre and services that will offer help to get people back on their feet, into jobs that make them feel good and eventually into homes of their own. The project will cost just 13.8 million dollars and was voted for unanimously by the council. Inspiring stuff and I hope that’s paid forward to every city in the world.

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org

Credit: Aeromine

Good news from the world of wind power as a ground-breaking start up takes inspiration from those ancient Iranian wind towers I told you about only weeks ago.

Say hello to Aeromine, who's invented a turbine that sits on the edge of flat warehouse type buildings. They’re not very big, but they generate a lot of power, as much as sixteen times more than a solar cell if the wind is there, by cleverly using wind dynamics to maximise the energy. When wind hits a flat wall, it accelerates as it goes up and over the top. These aerodynamics are what make this little box produce more electricity than 15 solar panels. Because they sit on the edge of buildings, they don’t get in the way of solar panels if they’re already there, or being planned, and of course they work potentially through the night, when solar panels don’t. If a business paired both these and solar, they’d have a totally sustainable and really reliable energy supply.

Via: aerominetechnologies.com