James Arthur to tackle foster care experience in new documentary - Out Of Our Minds

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8 Nov 2022, 10:00

James Arthur

Credit: Getty

X Factor winner James Arthur will front a new documentary about his time in foster care for BBC Three. 

The singer will be at the helm of a new special called James Arthur: Out Of Our Minds, which will explore the impact of his parents’ decision to put him into care as a child. 

James admitted to The Sun that after suffering with his mental health, he decided to revisit his roots and find out why he struggled so much after finding fame. 

The Impossible musician will tackle how he ended up living with a foster family aged 14, after his mum split with his stepdad, and was suddenly taking care of four children alone. 

James’ dad also became distant, and he ended up spending more time wandering around the streets on his own.

Discussing his “traumatic” teenage years being passed over to a foster family, James told the publication: “My mum was going through mental health issues and she was looking to Dad to step up. I felt pretty hopeless.

“I remember that drive to the foster carer and how scary it was. I used to cry at night — it felt like the worst situation I could be in.

“I resented them so much and have carried that situation, and how it all played out, for the rest of my life.”

The songwriter added that he felt that he never got closure from his parents and ended up feeling a lot of resentment towards both of his parents. 

After years of feeling lost and unsettled in his adult life after winning The X Factor, James decided to move home to be closer to “who he is” and to be close to those who knew him as a “weird little ADHD kid.” According to James, the move home will play a big part in the documentary.

James Arthur: Out of Our Minds will air on BBC Three on 13th November.