Is that Daniel Radcliffe singing in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story?

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8 Nov 2022, 10:40

Al Yankovic and Daniel Radcliffe.

Credit: Rex/Shuttershock

The actor plays the cult comedian in the film adaptation of his life.

You probably know that Daniel Radcliffe plays the lead in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.

Recently released on The Roku Channel, the Harry Potter alum portrays comedian and musician 'Weird Al' Yankovic throughout various stages of his career.

Famed for his iconic - and very funny - musical parodies, including 'My Bologna' and 'Like a Surgeon', you might be interested if Radcliffe is really singing in the film.

The answer is yes but also no.

It turns out that Radcliffe sang the Weird Al songs live during takes, but Yankovic later dubbed over the actor's voice for the film's soundtrack.

"I was singing them on set because I find [that] just lip-syncing and not making any sound is really, really hard, but we always knew it would ultimately be Al's voice, which is great and took a lot of pressure off," Radcliffe told Variety at TIFF.

Says Daniel, "There was something both intimidating about having him there every day because like, you know, it's him and we are making this thing about his life… but also, there was like some tacit reassurance there every time when you hear him laughing at something or when he would come in after a take looking really pleased. We'd be like, 'Okay, great. We're doing fine. He likes it.' If [director] Eric [Appel] is happy, and Al's happy, then we're doing our job."

Though Radcliffe doesn't sing in the film, he did learn to play the accordion for the role, an instrument Yankovic is known for playing.

The actor was even gifted an accordion by Yankovic when he finished the movie.

"I'm not good at the accordion, but I've come so far with it relative to the nothing that I started at that it seems dumb to just stop playing completely," Radcliffe told EW. "I think I'm going to very gradually keep it up over the years, and maybe one day I'll be able to play a song with both hands at the same time."

We can't wait to see this one!