Call The Midwife's Jenny Agutter speaks about series 12 and Christmas special

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17 Nov 2022, 08:38

Jenny Agutter at the TV Choice Awards.

Credit: Getty

Jenny Agutter, one of the stars of massively popular BBC drama Call The Midwife, has spoken about the show’s upcoming Christmas special, series 12, and the future of the show. 

The legendary actor was one of the stars scooping a prize at the TV Choice Awards 2022 on Monday night (14th November). During the annual ceremony in London, she picked up Best Actress for her portrayal of Sister Julienne in Call The Midwife, which also won Best Family Drama.

Award-winner Jenny spoke to and other press on the red carpet at the star-studded event. Talking about series 12 of Call The Midwife, which will open with the Christmas special, she said: “We're still finishing filming at the moment. So we've got one more week to go so it's really lovely having this last week together, and then it'll be on at Christmas.”

When asked for her thoughts on what it is that makes people so excited for the always-popular Christmas special, Jenny said: “I think because people see themselves in it. What I love is that when people talk about it, they always find some personal element, whether it's the period it's in, or they know someone who is a midwife, or someone in their family is.

“There are always difficult situations. But I think what people get out of it is that you see a group of people working together. And because they work together, it resolves a lot. And I think, very particularly through Covid, it became really important to have a sense of community. And even in watching it, you felt like you belonged to it. For me, it was lovely to be a part of it.”

Talking about show boss Heidi Thomas’ Call The Midwife scripts, the Railway Children star said: “The way she puts them together is so imaginative and so surprising and lovely. It's just, every time I get a script, I'm always... I just never know where it's gonna go and how the story is going to be. Often, just reading it, I’m crying.” 

With series 13 being planned, and with Heidi Thomas having previously said that “beyond that we don’t know what plans the BBC has”, Jenny spoke about whether she would carry on with the show into the future: “I always take it year by year. I love what [Heidi Thomas] does. So it's really interesting,” she said. 

“I mean I know we're on next year. And then they don't know what happens,” she added.