Eddy's Good News: Drone that'll help disaster survivors in a different way!

Virgin Radio

17 Nov 2022, 10:18

Credit: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne – EPFL

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Thursday 17th November 2022

Amazing tech news from Switzerland where they’ve designed a drone that’ll help disaster survivors, not to locate them, that’s old news, not to drop them supplies because, frankly a drone can’t carry much, but hold on….what if you could eat the drone!?

Say bonjour to edible drones, a brilliant idea that’s been thought up by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. Their drone has wings made of rice cakes, cut into hexagonal shapes, which makes them sturdier, held together with gelatine. They tried chocolate, apparently, of course they did, these people are Swiss, but gelatine made the wings more fit for the purpose of flying. The wingspan is 70cm, it’s cheap as chips to make, can fly at 10 metres per second, they can put vitamins in with the rice and carry nearly 100g of water too, after all you’d need something to wash those rice cakes down with!

Via: goodnewsnetwork.org