Everything you need to know about Netflix’s new period drama about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

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21 Nov 2022, 09:46

Amy James-Kelly and Max Parker in Blood, Sex & Royalty

Credit: Netflix

Move over The Crown, Netflix are bringing out another racy retelling of history with their new royal drama about the Tudors. 

Titled Blood, Sex & Royalty, the three-part period drama will dive into the world of the Tudor monarchy, and all the deceit, incest and murder that came along with it. 

What is Blood, Sex & Royalty about?

The Tudor period drama will seemingly be from the viewpoint of a young Anne Bolyn and her journey to becoming the second of six wives to Henry VII.

The official Netflix synopsis reads: “In the 16th century, Anne Boleyn navigates treacherous sexual politics and rises to become Queen of England. She forges history as she reshapes King Henry VIII’s worldview, but she’s expected to give birth to a male heir and makes powerful enemies along the way.”

According to Dr Owen Emmerson, curator of Hever Castle, The Crown fans will likely love the series, as it covers a lot of similar bases. 

Amy James-Kelly in Blood, Sex & Royalty

Credit: Netflix

Dr Emmerson, who was also a consultant for the show, told Daily Star: “Anne was like Diana, Meghan and Wallis Simpson all rolled into one.

“She was an outsider and she shook things up. She was probably the first woman ever to say ‘No’ to Henry, which drove him wild. Unwilling to just be a mistress to the King, she wanted to be Queen.

“The series is pitched at a younger audience using modern accessible language, a bit like Bridgerton, and more drama than documentary. Anne speaks directly to camera, like in Fleabag.

“For once, she is accurately portrayed as the highly educated, modern feminist she was and Henry was fascinated.”

Who stars in Blood, Sex & Royalty? 

Former Coronation Street star Amy James-Kelly will portray Anne, while fellow soap star, Emmerdale’s Max Parker will put on his crown to play Henry VIII.

Dodger and House of the Dragon star Aron von Andrian will play 16th Century English politician poet Thomas Wyatt, while Anne’s former lover Henry Percy will be played by Young Wallnder’s Simonas Mozura. 

When will Blood, Sex & Royalty land on Netflix? 

You really don't have long to wait to enjoy some more steamy, historic drama, as Blood, Sex & Royalty is available on Netflix from Wednesday 23rd November.