The Traitors: Claudia Winkleman’s new show starts with a shock twist

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30 Nov 2022, 08:57

The Traitors

Credit: BBC

Claudia Winkleman’s new game show, The Traitors, kicked off with a bang last night and it seems we’re in for an exciting series.

The first episode of the BBC One show had it all- deception, backstabbing, fun challenges and a big scary Scottish castle.

One of the biggest twists came at the beginning, when the host sent home two contestants, Amos and Kieran, before the game had even begun.

As the contestants arrived at the castle, Claudia asked them to rank themselves in order of most likely to win the show and most likely to lose. In an attempt to be humble, Amos and Kieran placed themselves last but ended up getting kicked out of the competition altogether as a result.

Reacting to their shock exit, Kieran said he felt “complete and utter devastation”, while Amos commented on how “difficult” it was to leave so soon.

The 20 remaining contestants proceeded into the castle, where they then learned that three of them would be chosen as Traitors and would spend the rest of their time remaining undetected by the others, now called the Faithfuls.

Every night the Traitors would murder a Faithful and they would be sent from the competition, it’s up to the Faithfuls to weed them out because if they don’t, they could take the entire cash prize of £120,000.

In another twist, we learned that two of the contestants, Alex and Tom, were actually in a relationship but were keeping it a secret as Alex flirted with Matt in order to form an alliance.

Later, the group gathered in a roundtable meeting and all players were blindfolded while Claudia chose her three Traitors by tapping them on the shoulder.

The Traitors were revealed to the audience to be Alyssa, Wilfred and Amanda.

After a gruelling challenge that saw the contestants win £15,000 prize money, the episode ended on a cliffhanger as the three Traitors were revealed to each other and decided which player they were going to kill.

Once a decision had been made, the Traitors signed a death warrant and delivered it to Claudia but the deceased player will only be revealed in episode two- which is now available to watch on iPlayer.

Following the first episode, viewers took to social to share their opinions on the new series, with one person writing: “It’s not usually my cup of tea but #TheTraitors on BBC is a really good watch. Lots of plot twists and really well thought out.”

Another said: “So engrossed in the traitors on the BBC already”.

A third wrote: “To anyone with BBC iPlayer and who loved watching The Mole, or social deduction games like Among Us, you gotta watch the first three eps of The Traitors. Just an utterly compelling game show to watch.”

However, not everyone was so enthusiastic about it as one Twitter user wrote: “The Traitors BBC. Not a clue what is going on. Nonsense.”

Another commented: “Who commission this new BBC series The Traitors? It’s like the world’s most horrific corporate team-building event. Hard pass on this one!”

While a third criticised how the game was playing out onscreen and said: “Why have they showed us who the traitors are 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ @BBC #TheTraitors”.

You can make up your own mind on The Traitors when it continues tonight (30th November) at 9:15pm on BBC One. The first three episodes are also available to stream on iPlayer.