Vardy V Rooney: Tensions rise in first teaser trailer for 'Wagatha Christie' drama

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30 Nov 2022, 09:29

(L) Chanel Cresswell as Coleen Rooney (above) Michael Sheen in court as David Sherborne (below) Natalia Tena as Rebekah Vardy

Credit: Channel 4

Channel 4 have finally dropped the first teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated Wagatha Christie trial drama - Vardy V Rooney: A Courtroom Drama.

The two-part film will detail all of the high-stakes High Court drama during the defamation case between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy. 

The drama is based on the so-called 'Wagatha Christie' case involving both footballer's wives. Back in 2019, Rooney accused Vardy of selling stories from her private Instagram account to the press, after doing her own investigation using her social media page. Vardy always denied the claims, and then sued Rooney for defamation. 

The trial took place at the High Court in May this year, but Vardy then lost the case after the court found that Rooney’s accusation, and now infamous Instagram post labelling the fellow footballer's wife as the culprit of the leaks, was “substantially true.”

The new 20-second clip begins with Rooney, played by Chanel Cresswell, starting to type up her now infamous Instagram post in which she pointed to Vardy as the culprit of the leaks.

 Watch the teaser below:

She narrates: “For a few years now, someone who I trusted has been consistently informing The Sun newspaper of my private posts.”

Who can forget that it was this social media post penned by Rooney that ended with the iconic line: “It’s….Rebekah Vardy’s account.” 

Michael Sheen, playing Rooney’s high profile barrister David Sherborne, then asks Vardy, portrayed by Natalia Tena, if she “respects other people’s privacy,” to which she responds: “Yes, I do.”

There still isn’t a confirmed date for Vardy V Rooney, with the teaser only suggesting the intense drama is “coming soon.”

According to Channel 4, A Courtroom Drama recreates the “high drama, high stakes High Court defamation case” that followed Rooney’s accusations, which “had a huge impact on the lives of the two women at its heart and catapulted the two sparring legal teams into the spotlight, where much like Rooney and Vardy, their every move in the courtroom was dissected and scrutinised in the press.”

“Created from the real court transcripts, Vardy v Rooney: A Courtroom Drama will bring viewers all of the incredible and unbelievable moments from a case that kept the public and media gripped.”

Vardy V Rooney: A Courtroom Drama which is set to air on Channel 4 in December.