White chocolate Creme Eggs are back on shelves

Virgin Radio

30 Nov 2022, 10:28

Credit: Cadbury

Easter might be a while away yet, but white chocolate Creme Eggs have made a surprise reappearance.

Yes, even though we are heading towards Christmas, the sweet treats more associated with Easter are now available to buy, having last been seen all the way back in 2019.

And when the white eggs were last seen three years ago, it was really only by chance, as they were part of a competition whereby they were hidden inside normal Creme Egg wrappers, giving shoppers the chance to win a cool £1,000 if they were lucky enough to find them. 

Well, now it seems that the previously hard-to-find snacks are finally on general sale, as they have been spotted in selection boxes in Farmfoods, alongside caramel and original versions.

Instagram account NewFoodsUK recently shared a picture of the white eggs, saying: “New Cadbury White Chocolate Creme Egg!! 😱 You can now get these in this multipack at Farmfoods! 👏 They’re so good, hats off to Cadburys for releasing these! 😍”

The boxes contain one of the lesser-spotted white eggs, as well as two classic and two caramel eggs.

Meanwhile, someone else posted on Facebook that they’d seen the white eggs at their local B&M for 49p each.

In other confectionery news, Cadbury has made a change to the Twirls in some tubs of Heroes in the lead up to Christmas. Due to supply chain issues, and the availability of the bite-size Twirls, the mini versions of the popular bar aren’t as readily available. Instead they are being replaced in some tubs with two normal sized bars.

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Bounty bars were being removed from Celebrations tubs by Mars Wrigley in a pre-Christmas trial, for a limited period. Customers in select stores featuring the Christmas Market pop up are able to exchange tubs bought in-store that day with a new No Bounty Celebrations tub.