The Crown's Dominic West on claims he's too handsome to play Prince of Wales

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30 Nov 2022, 19:51

The Crown's Dominic West on claims he is 'too handsome' to play Prince of Wales

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It must be tough being too darn hot. Dominic West has shared his views on being deemed too attractive to play the Prince of Wales in Netflix hit, The Crown.

Playing the new monarch in the latest season of the smash hit series, fans have complained that the star is too handsome to take on the character of Prince Charles.

When asked about the comparisons on Jimmy Kimmel Live!', he replied: "Well thank you very much. I've had worse criticisms."

Jimmy asked him: "Does that make you at all nervous seeing as he could have you beheaded if he wants to, he's the king?"

Dominic replied: "Right, yeah, well, no he can't. I mean, they've sort of tried. They're having a go. This was his sort of nadir of his whole life."

Talking about playing an emotional Charles during the breakdown of his marriage to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, he admitted: "You see pictures of him then and video and stuff and he's very, very sad and that's quite a responsibility taking that on."

On recreating Charles breakdancing at a charity event in 1985, West said: "Charles is quite proud of his dancing, he does a lot of Scottish dancing. The difficulty is there's no rhythm, there's no, it's completely arhythmic, so you can't sort of, the trouble I found is... you get too much into the rhythm which is a fatal mistake...

"It's much harder to dance out of time... he does it brilliantly."

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