The Traitors’ Andrea on ‘ghastly’ roundtable scenes and being ‘cross’ she wasn’t a Traitor

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22 Dec 2022, 13:31

Andrea on Traitors (BBC)

Credit: BBC

Another Faithful narrowly missed out on the final during the intense episode on Wednesday night (21st December).

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Andrea’s time on the series had come to an end when she was chosen to be murdered in the night, leaving only five players remaining and £81,050 currently in the prize pot.

For Andrea though, her time was up after Wilfred, who had initiated Kieran to be a Traitor, decided she must go. 

During the show, he explained: “[Andrea] could possibly win this if she stays in because she’s not going to get the votes around the table.”

For poor, fan-favourite Andrea, she was “shocked” to learn she’d been murdered in the night, but deep down, knew she had to be the next to go. 

On her emotional exit, she exclusively told “I was actually surprisingly stupid. I was quite shocked. I just hadn't thought about it. Don't ask me why. That's how it was. I was quite shocked.”

Andrea has since confronted Wilfred on the phone following his devious plans, but said she takes away the "amazing" friendships, even with the apparent backstabbing.

There appears to be no ill will towards Wilfred, despite him choosing her for the chop, and Andrea is leaving the series with new friends, including fellow beloved character, Amos.

“I have them all in my heart. That to me was an extraordinary revelation,” she said. “I found this depth in my heart to have all these people that I've never met. That was actually a revelation, and I'm very pleased for it. I'm pleased to have that chance to develop that part of myself.

"We had a lot of fun. I think that sort of feeling is just joy. We were very joyous. It also made the roundtables so much harder. Because you knew everyone was enjoying themselves to the limit."

One thing Andrea won’t miss is the ‘ghastly’ roundtable, in which someone has to decide who is a Traitor amongst the Faithfuls. 

When asked if the roundtables were as intense to film as they were to watch, Andrera said: “Horrible. We always went into the round table with real ‘Oh my God, it's a round table’. They were absolutely ghastly. They really were. Always very bad news."

On whether she would have switched teams and been a Traitor herself, Andrea added: “I wanted to be! I was cross that I wasn’t. After about day four, I just said ‘I couldn't have done it.’ I could not have done it. I'd have left. When I look back now, I say yes, of course I could. But I think in the environment, and I was there again, I was wrong.”

The Traitors finale airs tonight (22nd December) at 9pm on BBC One. Catch up now BBC iPlayer.